Healing Touch

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an energy therapy that evokes sensations of relaxation while facilitating healing and wholeness. The purpose is to establish the highest level of health and healing within an individual by working with the energy field as a support mechanism for the body's innate ability to heal itself. Healing Touch is safe for all ages and works as a complement to traditional medical care. 

The foundations of Healing Touch focus on all levels of the body's energy field (also referred to as biofield or aura). Energy centers commonly known as chakras are also adjusted to orchestrate energetic alignment by correcting systemic dysfunction for overall improvement in physiological functioning.

These are some of the benefits that will help you on the path of well-being and wholeness.  

- Reduce Anxiety  

- Calm Depression and Phobias 

- Pain Management 

- Improved Immune System  

- Surgery Recovery 

- Wound Healing 

- Heightened Spirituality  

- Cancer Care  

- Overall Improvements in Wellbeing And More

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